May 3rd - 5th

                        Sparks, NV

Weather played key role in this years Cinco de mayo festivities.


Heavy winds and scattered rain showers produced smaller turn out then expected.


Despite the nasty weather patrons who did decide to tough it out were awarded with excellent odds for a Dell Laptop. Cloud 9 Evolution raffled one refurbished Dell Laptop each day. All drawings were conducted by a child selected from the crowd. Mark Lawson of Cloud 9 Evolution commented on the decision to continue with the drawing despite the lack of sales during the event.


"Any question we had weather or not to cancel any of the three drawings was answered for us by the extremely thoughtful gesture made by the drawing winner the first night."


The gesture he is referring to was that made by the first winner who instead of accepting the laptop instead presented it to the young girl chosen to draw the raffle ticket.


"Seeing that act of unselfishness was more then enough to convince us to hold all three drawing despite the low turnout caused by the less then ideal weather condidtions." Lawson continued.


The total brought in by raffle tickets for all three days combined didn't not cover the price for just one of the laptops.


"It seemed to be the highlight of the day for some people and seeing how happy and suprised the little girl was reminds you that everything isn't about making money!" Lawson concluded.